5 Most Common Software/ Hardware Mistakes

Technology has evolved continuously over time, and for the better most of the time. In this case, it’s safe to say that the computer has advance greatly from the room-filling box it used to be. But as it gets more complicated and intricate, certain computer components can get easily damaged or can malfunction if not used properly. Although it may seem like the computer can never come back after a mistake, there can be a way to safe it along with the data (although I can’t guarantee because I’m not a computer technician). So regain hope as I cover 5 common software or malware mistakes.

Full Memory

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

As much as we like to believe, a computer in itself can’t store every data it receives. In every computer is a hard drive that stores info directly. If it gets too full, it slows down the CPU (Central Processing Unit) completely making the computer strenuous to use. That’s why external storage like USB drives and cloud storage are promoted, to store more data without damaging the computer’s hard ware. So if you have a slow computer, it’s suggested to delete data that you don’t need (photos, documents, etc.) and place the rest on a external drive.

Not Cleaning Programs

If certain software or the computer as a whole spasms out or is very slow and non responsive, it could be because of malware or a virus. Malware is a software that damages an OS or secretly gets access to a computer, including information. A virus is some code that can corrupt and destroy an OS once it’s executed in someone’s PC. Of course this is on the more extreme spectrum of reason, but better safe than sorry. All of this can be avoided if your computer is regularly scanned and checked for old, unused data and fix damaged programs. There are many programs that specialize for this and saves many computers from their doom each year.

Slow Internet

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

Believe it or not, internet issues doesn’t only come from the router. Problems with the device’s hard ware or other softwares and result in slow internet. Some examples would be from having too much tabs and cookies while online. Or having a damaged hard drive that just needs to be replaced overall. It’s hard to focus on one thing when there’s a bunch of other unfinished tasks in the way. The same goes for a computer. A good suggestion would be to clean up computer softwares, delete unwanted cookies and internet history, and try to clear up space.

Computer Updates

Although a computer usually updates itself when given permission, there’s some people that haven’t done so. As a computer ages and other add-in software improve, a PC can lack the power and intelligence to process the new advances. This results in small bugs and very slow performance, which gets pretty annoying really quickly. The more sensible way to avoid it is to allow the PC to automatically search for new updates and update itself. With this quick fix, half of one’s common problems go away instantly! So please, for your life and the computer’s life, update it (unless you don’t want to, then fine).

Working with Missing Commands

Photo by Shahadat Shemul on Unsplash

Have you ever shopped online and were about to check out and process the products, but changed your mind moments after? So now you’re trying to hit the cancel button while the page is still loading all this data. And nothing happens. So you have to find someone to contact and cancel the order. Annoying right? This is because certain commands on a website or software doesn’t exist; they’re missing. Understand that all commands are either placed in by programmer, or learnt by processor itself (a probability, not a certainty). When given two contradicting commands at once, such as proceed and cancel, it could cause the software to freeze. And if you’re super lucky, it can crash. As a common PC user, there isn’t a way to fix this issue with coding and ethical hacking. The best way to limit these functional errors would be to clear memory space, update and restart the PC, and don’t overwork the hard drive or software.

There’s much more problems when handling computers, but surely I got a general collection of the more common ones. As a person with a no in-depth knowledge of hard wares and softwares, I admit that these may not be the best solutions. That’s why I looked to these websites about computer issues and software issues for background knowledge. Hope this helped or at least brought awareness. Stay safe, my friends.

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