Multimedia Presentation

Remember when presentations back then mainly consisted of a speech with flash cards and pictures that were passed around to the audience (if they even had some to show)? Well now in the 21st century we don’t have to be as basic anymore! With technology stronger and smarter than ever, we can make ideas and discussions more engaging and understandable. This is done with Multimedia Presentations, exhibitions that use cool graphics and forms of media to make your topic interesting and helpful. A popular software would be Microsoft PowerPoint, and there’s also Apple Keynote which are great at making multimedia presentations. Some examples of what is usually found in these presentations are:


Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

Videos can be found in multimedia presentations to add extra info or recap their topic from other sources. Sometimes hearing a different sound can grab the audience’s attention. And what better way to speak based off outside sources than to show the audience themselves. Whether they’re short clips or hours long, the type of video is determined by whatever the speaker wants to show. To give a few examples, people present music videos, clips of movie scenes, spoken word performances, or recorded experiments. The possibilities are endless. So put your presentation in motion!


Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

Something more amusing for the ears would be auditory media. This isn’t commonly used since it’s just auditory and little visuals. But if used the right way, it can be pretty cool. Things like sounds of daily life (nature, gatherings, etc) or certain music could be used. It could even be simple background music to cancel out the overbearing silence. To give an idea, let’s say a speaker presents an audio clip of birds singing and tweeting in the morning. Now imagine life without such sounds due to climate change. Really makes one wonder…


Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

And lastly there’s animations, a relatively newbie in multimedia presentations. A basic idea on animations could be the cool slide transitions that you see in Microsoft PowerPoint. That’s a form of animation that can be found in most presentations, but what about actual graphics and animations. This could be a GIF, a 2D or 3D animation, or a stop-motion. Although at first glance they seem weird to add to a presentation, it’s a very creative way to share info and entertain the audience.

After reading this, you may realize how common multimedia presentations are without even noticing it. It’s become the social norm, with little knowledge of what it is. To be a very complex form of presentation made simple enough for a primary school student to use, that’s pretty impressive. There’s much more to a multimedia presentation as the creative world expands each day (even each hours!), but these features are the foundations of a multimedia presentation. I hope you take the time to make a few of your own!

Show out to Presentation Magazine for their super simple explanation on Multimedia Presentations! Check them out here!

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