Ergonomics & Computer Safety

We are living in a time where billions of people are connected without ever seeing each other once. And it’s through technology, more specifically the internet. Despite technology being an amazing innovation, using technology can be just as harmful. Not just from external dangers, but internal dangers like procrastination or being distracted (which I’m a master at). Therefore, it’s important to be conscious about how you use a computer. A slogan I skillfully crafted with my IQ of 84 is to Protect and Prevent. Protection is applied to computer safety and Prevention is a double meaning for both computer safety and ergonomics.

Don’t end up like this guy. Be smart, Be safe.
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash
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When it comes to the enemies of the internet, it’s usually spams and scams. Getting scammed of information isn’t fun, especially if you never saw it coming due to little understanding. As a person who got scammed and lost a laptop because of it, I know the value of protecting your device. A few ways to protect your computer would be to buy and download and Anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses and malware. They’re like antibiotics for your computer, and it’s worth it. You can also regularly update your computer to avoid security issues. While it’s good to protect your computer, it’s even better to protect your information. The anti-virus software also prevents stolen personal information, but it’s recommended to have a backup storage to keep your info in case your computer gets stolen or destroyed. These are a few tips that I found to be very important, but if you’d like more tips or explanations, you can read off the website I found here. More importantly, when working on the computer, you don’t only need to protect the device, but your mind. Protect your mind and work progress by working in a peaceful in environment with little distraction. Get comfortable and make sure you have everything you need at arm’s reach to avoid constant stops. It’s surprising how easily one can lose motivation once they focus on something else. Focus on one task at a time and place a set schedule to make sure everything is done in an orderly fashion. Don’t overwork your computer nor your mind.

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After protecting your computer, you need to do a little more preparations to prevent any unwanted situations from ever happening. Some good preparations would be to use strong passwords for your personal accounts. It’s not always the best to make your passwords the same or have them based off of personal details in your life. Be unique and very unpredictable. If you have to make a security answer for “What’s your favorite color?”, don’t say “purple”. Instead, make the answer “President Gore Green8”. Another great asset to a safe computer would be ad-block. Ad block really helps in preventing scammers from disrupting your time using ads that could lead to viruses or stolen information. It’s always best to stop the problem before the problem stops you. In terms of ergonomics, the study of one’s efficiency when working, I found a really good website with tips on how to be productive when working. My favorites where to minimize interruptions to keep focus and motivated, make your own deadlines, and take regular break so you don’t overwork your brain. Being efficient isn’t only about doing all your work quickly, but correctly without going into overdrive. And when you prevent problems, you get progress. So be safe and be successful.

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