Charging for Graphic Design Jobs

When have occupations around media/ communications and design, there’s more ways to work in those fields. The blog will focus on freelance graphic design, to which graphic designer has complete control over what and who they work with. So with such freedom, one must ask: “How much should I charge for graphic design jobs?” There’s many factors to consider for a clear answer, and those will be discussed today.

Employment vs. Freelance

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The more common form of working is being employed into a company, where it’s your “permanent” occupation and you’re being supervised by manager and bosses. As an employee, you can receive benefits like free health insurance and retirement plans while not having to pay employee taxes. As a freelancer, you’re more liberated and flexible. Typical freelancers search for jobs and make temporary negotiations and contracts with multiple employers. Because they are their own manager, they must be on top of themselves to keep the flow of income coming. Freelancing doesn’t include any benefits or paid vacation, but you control your work days. The most important difference is the flow of income because an employee gets paid on a salary or hourly basic. A freelancer, however, gets paid by task,which varies by the person that hires you. This is why as a freelancer you must question how much you’ll charge for your work.

Working with your Client

Pay Knowing your Worth

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

As a freelancer, you’re able to make negotiations with your client on how you’d like to be paid: by project/quote or hourly. Hourly pays (which is more preferred by most), tends to be around $25-$150 per hour. Being payed by quote simply means giving an estimated price based on what you’re asked to do. If the client asks to pay by quote, you can make an estimate how long it would take to complete the project and give them a full payment. As a freelancer, since you’re working directly with the client, having a set hourly pay rate can be altered based off the client’s will too. Admittedly, some clients may not be able to afford your preferred pay rate, so you can fluctuate it until you reach an agreement. Because a freelancing income changes constantly, It’s important to know your skill to you don’t over or under-price your work! Have pride and know your worth (unless you’re not that skilled then just take it easy)!

Equally, working as an employee and working as a freelancer comes with advantages and disadvantages. There’s many things that a freelancer can do while being spontaneously limited. As you go on with freelancing, you’ll get better at negotiating and pricing your work. I hope this further clarifies is, but if not then here’s the sources I used for info on freelancing and charging for your work. Good luck!